Life-coaching is taking empowered action.


I believe you know exactly what you need. 


But, your fears may be drowning out your intuition. 

The voice of the heart is quieter than the voice of the mind

and for many of us, 

we’ve been taught not to trust it. 


As a coach, my goal is to help you strip away those layers

of programming and conditioning that

aren’t really you, and discover the truth that lies beneath. 


If you're having trouble making a decision

or creating the life that you really want, I can help you learn to release those fears.  

It's a matter of getting quiet, of losing your mind to find your heart. 


The mind is powerful but often mistaken. It will create stories that don’t serve our higher self but rather keeps us safe and small. I know you can feel that you are ready to break free from these stories but want support, someone to walk with you. 


I teach self-compassion and self-love. It begins there.

We're not trying to eradicate the ego or "get rid" of anything.

No, it’s about learning to love yourself as you are.


Only when we accept ourselves completely can we have the freedom to change. 

What is a session like?

Our work together will be unique to your needs but there is a framework.


During our first session, we will establish a vision for you and create some overarching goals to work towards. You will always know where the process is going, and you will be in charge of it.


A typical session with me may include visualization, counseling, goal setting, and guided meditations. 


How often are the sessions? 

For maximum accountability for working towards goals, it's best to commit to a series of weekly or biweekly sessions. If we are working towards a specific vision, we will create a three-month framework. 


But, depending on your needs, single sessions can be very beneficial in gaining clarity around a specific issue. I'm always happy to have a short discussion with you via phone or email to decide what is best and if I'd be a good fit for you. 

How do we meet?

Sessions are 1 hour and take place virtually over zoom. 

What is the cost?

Cost is $80 per session (sliding scale available for individuals with hardship)

My credentials 

I have a bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.D. in Psychology. While I am not trained as a therapist, I do have over 20 years of experience studying, researching, and teaching psychology. I have always enjoyed a deep curiosity about human behavior and I never stop learning. 


What does this mean for you as a client? I will bring that curiosity and non-judgment to you and your concerns. My knowledge regarding different theories of behavior and the science of why we act the way that we do can help to shed light on misunderstood aspects of yourself. 


I also have training as a wellness coach. I have been certified by the Wellcoaches school. Coaching brings its own unique perspective. As a system, it upholds the belief that you know exactly what you need. As a coach, I am there to hold space for that unfolding, and to help guide you towards a better understanding of yourself. I see my job as a coach not to have you dependent on me, but to empower you to trust your own intuition. 


I’ve written an essay about the difference between coaching and therapy if you’d like to learn more about the topic.