Meditation Prescription for Anxiety

Meditation prescriptions are digital packages created to adress a specific issue. They each include four recordings, and a pdf guide.

This presription is created to help aid those who struggle with anxiety. The recordings included are:

A breath practice

A grounding exercise

These help to calm the fight or flight response in the body and bring you into the present.

A 10 minute meditation

created to help you center and protect your energy.

A sweet 20 minute meditation

designed to help you foster self-love and forgiveness. 

The pdf guide includes self-care practices helpful for anxiety and journaling prompts to help you create your own self-care routine. 

  • Disclaimer

    Please note that these products are not a cure for anxiety, and are meant to supplement other healing practices. If you suffer from severe, debilitating anxiety that is disrupting your life please contact me, or another professional. 


~ Just Breathe ~