You can meditate. I promise. 


You don't have to have a special kind of brain or personality to meditate. You don't have to have any particular tools or props. Anyone can meditate, it's an inherently simple practice. Simple, but not necessarily easy. Nothing worth doing is easy at first, right? The good news is that you WILL improve with practice! 


Everyone's mind is wonderfully unique, but the problems we face are universal. You may be especially anxious, or have attention issues. You may have sleep problems. Or you may have an internal critic that is just relentless and the idea of being alone with her makes you cringe. None of these problems will keep you from meditating, and in fact, they can all actually be helped by meditation!

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People turn to the practice of meditation for very real, everyday problems. Stress, overwhelming emotions, and health issues are just a few.

But the reason that you may be struggling to stick with a meditation practice or create a routine, could be because the actual practice you are doing isn't the right one for you, or your needs. 

This is why I create Meditation Prescriptions. They are four-week courses, designed around specific issues. For example, the Meditation Prescription for Sleep includes meditation practices, journaling prompts, sleep tips and tools that are research-based, tested and directly target sleep issues like insomnia. 

There are currently prescriptions for Anxiety, Grief, Self-Love, and Anger. There are more to come, and I am more than excited to create one just for you! 


Dr. Amanda O'Bryan, PhD

Meditation teacher, psychologist, wellness coach. Trained in several meditation modalities, including Mindfulness, Koru, Vipassana, Guided Visualization and Mantra. 

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